Our Mission

~Our History~

            The Chapel was established during the early 1960’s to serve Christians living, vacationing and visiting in the Red Feather Lakes area as well as the surrounding communities in and near the Rocky Mountain Front Range of Colorado and Wyoming.

            The Chapel invites all Christians to join in worship and service. We honor the main-line Christian denominations and everyone is respected. We strive to be in Christian fellowship with one another, our neighbors and our guests. We learn from each other and together we grow in the Christian faith common to us all as we serve others.

            We believe God is creator and continually creating. We know Jesus as Christ, the anointed One of God, and find in Christ and the Holy Spirit our primary revelation of God and the model for our own ministry and service as a church.

~Our Mission~

            The mission of this Christian fellowship is to provide for worship, fellowship and service for all interested people and we welcome all that are willing to join in membership with us.

~Our Identity~

            We define our Church as an “inter-denominational” Christian fellowship of believers who come together in the tradition of the multiple main-line denominations, and we are open to all who wish to consider worshiping and serving God with us. We are served by a wide variety of guest clergy in our pulpit on Sundays who, throughout our history, have shared their religious experiences and theological insights concerning the good news of the Christian faith, of God, of Jesus the Christ and of the Holy Spirit. In addition we have pastoral advisors to help and serve the Chapel. We endeavor to have open arms to all of God’s children.

~Our Covenant~

            As members we covenant together to seek to know God’s will, to share God’s love with others, to be ministers to one another and to all God’s children, and, to support this Chapel in its work and ministries by our prayers.

~Communion & Baptism~

            Holy Communion is partaken on a regular basis and is administered by and/or consecrated by fully ordained clergy and is made available to all who wish to partake. Baptism and Baptism services are available upon request.

~The Bible~

            We believe the Bible is sacred scripture written in ancient times by people of God seeking to know the will of God. We exercise learned deliberation in its use and interpretation as well as the importance of understanding Christian traditions to provide sound judgment in our faith and practice.

“Who do you say I am? 

Simon Peter answered, ‘You are the Christ, the Son of the living God’.”  Matthew 16:15-16

Chapel in the Pines | 23947 Red Feather Lakes Road, Red Feather Lakes, CO 80545 | (970) 881-3508 |

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